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ON-US is a premium menswear fashion house based in Hong Kong where every man can find his perfect apparel.

We are conveniently situated at 1/F, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, one of the country’s premiere lifestyle sanctuaries.

We are strongly driven by the mission to provide the top of the line men’s wear to neighboring Asian countries at the quickest possible time with absolutely free shipping charges. Our shop boasts a variety of genuine and high-end apparels coming from world-class fashion capitals such as Australia, United States, and Europe. As part of our commitment to our patrons, we also made shopping easier than ever by making an online marketing possible. In this way, our valued customers can easily shop all they want without any stress required. We are open from 1pm to 8pm everyday to ensure that our valued patrons find their best deals.

At present, we are proud to declare that we are the major supplier of men’s fashion to various Asian regions such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

ON-US also believes that each product needs to be on the buyer’s hands as early as possible. Because we are we our endeared clients in this desire, we make sure that an order within Hong Kong arrives within 24 hours. For other countries, we ensure that the delivery will only travel at a maximum of 9 days. This is one of the reasons why our label has become the most trusted name in the industry

We at ON-US made our smiley logo simple yet stating. We are one with the world’s current digital generation trend. Our smiley represents a modern blend of the current icons that this day’s up-to-date and techy consumers are so fond of. In fact they are among our markets. It also lives up to the promise of a completely fun, stress-free, and satisfying online shopping.

ON-US offers the following men’s fashion brands:

  • Andrew Christian
  • ES Collection
  • Addicted
  • AussieBum
  • 2EROS
  • Modus Vivendi
  • Ergowear
  • C-IN2
  • Petit-Q

There are still lots of brands that our shop has in stored for you. Here at ON-US, you are sure to find the ultimate men’s wear shopping paradise.

Who has visited us before?

04 May 2013 – Andrew Christian, Designer


10 August 2013 – Mr Raymond Chan, Hong Kong’s Legislator